Why Monetize Your Skills ?

How sad is that most careers are 100% dependent on a decision from the upper management, and if they fire you, you do not have another way to support yourself? Not to mention the toxic competition with your colleagues, that should never happen under any circumstance.

Many people will tell you that being an entrepreneur is risky. I am here to tell you that being an entrepreneur is the least risky thing you can ever do! Let’s define risky. Risky, for many people, means “the unknown”. Your family, your friends, they will tell you entrepreneurship is risky because you don’t know what you will face. You might lose all your money! What if, instead of focusing on having the resources, you learned to become resourceful in any situation? It’s a mindset switch!

Risky is having one single source of income, getting fired because of COVID or any other known or unknown reasons , within or outside your control ,and having nothing else to do. That’s risky! But if you are an entrepreneur, you can diversify. You can pivot quickly. You can have many clients and this de-risks the enterprise. Entrepreneurial thinking in essence means de-risking.

How does 1:1 Coaching help?

We all need to learn the basics of passion led entrepreneurial thinking because it is a mindset of being empowered, of being in control of your life and making the best of the resources you have and you need to be ready while you are employed.


I know you all think that entrepreneurship is difficult because monetizing it is difficult. But here is some food for thought: if you are really passionate about it, very interested about it, and you develop your skill to a high degree, you will start to attract money! The reason? Simple: there are very few people in the world who are deeply passionate about what they do and are working every day to become the best at it. And you can be one of those people.

How do you monetize your Passions even if you are /or when you are not in a 9-5 job?

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